Greenhouses: Sun diffusion

Sun diffusion is a word that I have read a lot about while looking into information on Greenhouses. It is pretty much light scattering. It turned out that scattered or diffused light is able to assist plants with better photosynthesis.

It promotes growth by distributing the light more evenly. Most products have fixed amounts of sun diffusion. Each one has a percentage rating. Sun diffusion is pretty important and finding out what you will need for your area is a great idea.

The amount of sun diffusion will effect how your plants grow both in summer and winter months. Knowing the amount of direct sunlight that your greenhouse receives during both seasons before making a proper decision is always good.

Of course, I do like to jump in and as questions later, but this is a long term investment. I am planning on going full insulation and getting the 8mm polycarbonate which is the largest size that I will be able to get for the specific one that I plan on getting.

The minimum suggested is 2mm or 3mm, but the lowest I saw sold in my area is 4mm. I also haven’t seen any odd numbers either. Most people in my location seem to be using hoop houses and simply taking them down in the winter unless they are partially underground. They are not the best isolated but they work. Just not for me.

I like the idea of the sun diffusion assisting with plant growth. Now that I understand a little bit more about it and my responsibilities for heating and cooling I believe that 8mm polycarbonate will be the best option.

Regardless, I didn’t find any that actually explained anything about it without attempting to sell me something. I will continue to look into things as I go along and learn more. I have started watching these YouTube videos posted by Oregan State University. Hopefully, I can find more information in the suggested videos. Then again, my YouTube is starting to make me look like a plant nerd.

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