What is this beautiful tree?

I never noticed it before I saw the leaves die. I love the way it looks from my porch and now I want more. It’s not that I don’t love pine trees but these are beautiful. They came with the house and the property.

All Summer this stree has looked green and has been existing. Nothing to report outside of a few worms that I pulled off with my bare hands. That’s right, I pulled them off like a man. It’s so funny because I want to make clones of that tree too and I am not even sure what kind it is. I must learn this first, but frankly….

I have not gone to Facebook and asked because people are getting a bit hostile online lately. I guess they don’t have trees in their yard that started doing things- different things.

After my own digging, which is not as much fun as asking random people on Facebook. They tell you way more than what you need to know. I am letting all you people know if this is a Sumac tree growing wild in my treeline I am not unhappy.

I just keep thinking about how beautiful it would be to line my walkway down through the berry bushes. I heard it’s poisonous though. I will eventually catch some courage and post this bad boy just to see what I kind find.

He probably knew but I don’t speak fluent cat

Can’t wait to give the updates for this beauty and how I am going to cut it up to clone it. I cannot wait. Who knew?

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