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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Winter is here

Anyone else pull all of their plants inside and then proceed to grow more as soon as you get the purple lights in? Get ready because winter is here. Not going to lie this is working out so well I…

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New Addition: Snowbank white blackberries

So, I have a lot more to follow but today I want to talk about Snowbank White Blackberry. I thought that this would be fun because literally no one writes about them. I do not know what I am doing…

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Foggy Morning

I do enjoy spooky October mornings filled with fog and a little bit of mystery. Can you see the differences in the bottom two photos?

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Walls of Grapes

Hello, I have been away mulching and preparing for winter. I am excited this year and I just wanted to share my grapes that will hopefully survive and be with us next year. We are planting them along our fence…

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New Addition: too much

I will do individual posts about each one but these are my day one new additions. I want a crazy large herb garden and everyone has their herbs out. I haven’t been keeping us as much because I usually have…

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