Winter is here

Anyone else pull all of their plants inside and then proceed to grow more as soon as you get the purple lights in? Get ready because winter is here.

Not going to lie this is working out so well I might start germinating in mass during the spring. As you can see I brought everything that I was afraid to lose inside. I have cacti, my new baby blackberries, basil and other things that are much more obvious in later pictures.

So we have two kinds of Goji berries, three kinds of hops, two kinds of currants, two kinds of honey berry or haskap and a lot more. I plan on eventually pulling them out and writing about each individual one but I am so overwhelmed. Winter preparation is not 100% complete and I fear that a freeze is coming up on us soon.

Nothing says home like thirty miscellaneous plants covering your dinning room table and leaving no room for anything else. Here you can see my haskaps right out front. I save all of my pots by the time I reuse 10% are naturally damaged, 10% were chewed by my devil dog and the rest are usable. I feel like it saves us money, my husband sees a lot of empty, dirty pots just hanging out living rent free in his underporch storage.

At the end of the day I am very happy with all of my new additions and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about them. This is going to be an exciting next year. I am thrilled about the end of Year Zero and starting Year One.

Until next time

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