Project Grow Your Roots 2021: Plant Sharing

Contributed by Janessa Stewart and the picture was taken on the American River Parkway

This is a Dwarf Lupine and it grows along the river and through the hills of the Sacramento Valley. This is hardy in zones 4 to 9 and is a perennial. I am kind of excited because that means that I can plant them as well. That is really exciting news.

Contributed by Maddie Marks

Sharing a Monstera and a lovely story. This is her very first ever plant and it was given to her by her best friend when she moved back to California. This plant also has a name: Sage.

Fun Fact: This is also called the Swiss cheese plant

Contributed by Jaclynn Aylen

Hailing all the way from Ontario, Canada: Vera the aloe vera. She is a proud mother of two pups. Their names are undisclosed as they are minors. It’s for their protection and Safety.

I love aloe vera plants. I actually have quite a few that I hope survive.

Contributed by Rhonda Gibbens

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