Project Grow Your Roots 2021: Beautiful Flowers

Contributed by Jody Foster

She wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and reminds us that Jesus Lives. These are her beautiful hibiscus. I love the cottage core feel to this picture.

Contributed by Leanne Toohey

The Brittlebush is a desert native plant. This picture was taken in the Mohave Desert in Oatman, Arizona. They are frost sensitive and drought tolerant.

Did you know they are a relative of the sunflower? I thought that was pretty cool.

Contributed by Michelle Hartman

She has so many lovely coneflower growing in her garden. I am so envious. I bet her coneflower brings all of the butterflies and bees to her yard.

She has paired us with two of her favorite living beings. Here is what she told us:

I got this wonderful, photobombing, dog in 2020. Bristol is the farm dog I’ve always wanted and with her I don’t feel scared on my own anymore.
Pictured with some of my favorite prairie flowers. Pink Sensation Coneflower (echinacea).

I just want to continue to thank everyone for their overwhelming support so far. I appreciate you all so much. Until next time 💚

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