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Daily Archives: April 21, 2021

Studying: Reproductive Morphology-> Flower Parts

So first we should know that reproductive morphology is talking about what it takes to sexually reproduce. This includes the flowers, fruits and seeds. Right now we’re strictly talking about the flower parts Pedicel- the stem that supports a single…

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Studying: Leaf Parts

Yeah, that’s right. I am studying for finals still. You’re welcome. Enjoy the cool pictures with the vocabulary. Leaf parts Blade (Lamina)- the flattened part of the leaf Petiole- the stalk supporting the blade Stipules- parts located at the base…

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Studying: Stems

Alright so these are vocabulary terms I have to learn for my final. Stolon- an above ground horizontal stem Rhizome- a below ground horizontal stem Trendil- a twining stem Node- the swollen portion of a stem associated with buds Internode-…

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